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[Verse One]
Yo I'd rather do music, ya'll got it ass backwards, you're clueless/you're far from masters, if you're not dropping knowledge and jewels..QUIT..Who's this conscious student, constant with the movement? Made my way to Wisconsin and now I'm a monster looming on the horizon/check the mercury in your thermometers..rising/respect the words, I bring death to herbs who scheme and plot on her demise in an era of material wackness, smoke and mirrors, spirits still lacking but I go hard out your stereo tax it like Weez One/memories in a mausoleum, remember when emcees were raw and the beats stunned your nervous system? Now see what she's become? A murder victim/You heard the description of the perps if you listen, offenders spitting verses with no purpose, convict 'em/it's us versus the system, so we bubbling beneath the surface uplifting, shifting tectonic plates causing quakes/on mission with no time to waste cause there are lives at stake, can't let them divide with hate

[Verse Two]
So chill the fuck out maybe fill a dug out/ain't no reason to kill or bug out, we need to build then bust out/our enemies will steal the rug out from under us, emcees ain't real cause they thugged out with guns to bust, dumb motherfuckers..WHAT?!..I'd rather do music/ionize matter, spend my days as a lion, survive through this music, it's therapeutic, it's there so we use it/kicks, drums and snares, lyrics that flood your ears, fluid like the blood pumping through my veins/I don't write to get the clubs jumping, screw the fame, use your brain, confusion's the game/Hollywood's all an illusion, there's no excuse for the lames, the people deserve better/get your hands up like the steeple or some cheeba that burns better, I blow out your speaker just ta reach ya with words never preach cause that's for the birds instead I encourage research and revolution/let's have peace on Earth instead of shooting

[Verse Three]
So this the reload, Stream & Cheebo, the illest team since Rage Against The Machine, this evil empire is bound ta fall/freedom fighters tear down these walls that surround us all, can't let them clown us, nah/truly, I'm not trying to be rude see but you just don't move me, I couldn't give 2 fucks about your jewelry or your jacuzzi/it's a New World Order they're using you to achieve, the youth glued to the screen, consumers consuming like sheep but all that shit is wack and will soon be deceased/I spit on the track like an uzi, till it collapses like Iraq did barely 2 weeks into the 'shock and awe' campaign/invasion, dropping jaws, on a rampage, hijacking stations/live, captivating, mind activating, rhyme Captain blazing, fascinating/assassinating the fascists in a nation where past generations staged mass demonstrations, now it's all about the cash, guns and the ratings


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: Cheebo



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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