Freedom Without Money

from by Stream Of Consciousness

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[Verse One]
They say money is power and power is respect/life's not funny when you're down and out drowning in debt/chasing the American dream/life is nothing but a rat race we're trapped in a maze be weary of the schemes/some people will do anything for the cream/pull a gun and leave your blood running through the street/greed makes people do ugly things/it's the root of all that's evil for the loot we'll slaughter your people take your deeds, shoes, drugs and bling/it'll make enemies outta crew/for the love of green/ugly things/but I'm discovering/there's freedom without money though I'm tired of being broke/spending all my dough staying high just trying to cope/with the pressures of every day living/sick to death of this 9 to 5 prison/being defined by my income/I close my eyes focus my mind/wrote this rhyme to keep my hopes alive/so just vibe to my rhythm

[Verse Two]
We're all in deep like caskets/he who controls the currency is master/the Federal Reserve, the beast, the bastards/in the bank of International Settlements are willing to murder just to keep the cash in/circulation/vultures circle the nation/they overwork us and jerk us through inflation and the national debt/Senators like John McCain pushing deregulation for banks with disastrous affects/how fast we forget/Lincoln Savings and Loan/we're on the brink now they're taking your home/in a foreclosure/billions spent on the war and it's far from over/the bars been lowered on accountability/exactly whose bank accounts are filling?/C.E.O.'s/deceiving the people/greedy and evil/they've got us believing we're free don't believe the t.v. those/talking heads are the walking dead/"Fox and Friends" too busy stalking bread and watching the stock index to ever bother thinking outside the box instead

[Verse Three]
Stocks fall the people panic/watch as Wall Street collapses/greedy bastards/bailing out companies like A.I.G. with our taxes/let 'em fail and the economy gets hit drastic/quick think fast/tricks/that's it/time ta pass another stimulus package to the ignorant masses/all the while television has got your vision distracted/from the classism in action/mad men cashing in on bad decisions for maximum profit/how do we stop it?/credit card companies got you in debt while you charge luxuries the plot's sick/you know the synopsis/yet there you go with the shopping/brand new clothes and watches/it's all about what brand you own the apocalypse/will be financial so empty your pockets/in this 21st century they've got you mentally locked in/his penitentiary that was meant to be poppin'/how can this be the land of the free when so many are boxed in/souls empty and rotten


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: Ecrase
Cuts by: Chinch 33



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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