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I'm not invisible...THINK!!


Verse One]
It's the NEW WORLD ORDER, consume the world's oil/salt water turned into a fuel a slow boil in the melting pot/this hell where 90% of the wealth is not distributed equally across the population/our economy's weakening it's hard to pay the cost of inflation, just to fill up our tanks, pinched/whether lower to middle class/the weather's getting colder bitter fast/brittle shit on class of 2nd rate citizen/no dividends/poor living conditions mixed with diminishing/returns from lowered expectations/living paycheck to paycheck on the next one waiting/stressed out my patience is low as my placement/below the line of poverty/it's closing time/Western civilization in a slow decline our quality of life keeps slipping/that's why I'm ripping politicians on a mission for equality and rights don't be a victim/such hypocrisy from right-wing Christians/do the right thing listen/I'm DOWNING shit on the STREET with my MEMOS/the proletariat drowning in too deep to swim home

I'm not invisible....THINK!!/One nation indivisible on the brink/a nation run by criminals down the sink/circling the drain/we're living in hell

[Verse Two]
The truth is just my train of thought/the music I produce to channel my pain maintain through the art/the movement for 9/11 Truth is gaining support/capitol gains still draining the poor/blood trapped in the veins still no debate on the war/to this date or before we invaded/perpetrated this circus orchestrated torture at ABU GHRAIB with rape/pits/sicced on detainees/my scriptures are written depictions like paintings/a prescription for your brain ease the pain using diction/fuel addiction afflicting the nation/beauticians bristling with patients/musicians, artisans with no jurisdiction over their compositions it's the business of slaves in/America/land of the free only to th power of the people in uniform/babylonian towers taking your free will so you conform/screw the norm

I'm not invisible....THINK!!/One nation indivisible on the brink/a nation run by criminals down the sink/circling the drain/we're living in hell

[Verse Three]
You can't tell us it ain't hell here/50 million without health care/1 outta 6 on welfare/we've run out of shit to sell here/no shelter from the rain/hunger pains numb your brain/it's no wonder our nation slumbers when even in London they're tame/Americana getting fatter and dumber torn asunder up under the reign/of King George W./but in my veins runs the blood of a true Patriot/watch me and my posse commentate then act/while these Nazis abominate a posse Comitatus Act/play this track/fade ta black/we're not free/they wanna dominate us in fact/it's class warfare/psychological torture in a fear based society/yo it's a clear case of defiant speech/I set fire to oil wells/till I expire like Orson Welles/born to rebel/voice of the voiceless for the poor and those who fell


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: Invisible Think

Cuts by: JB Ill



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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