Music As A Weapon

from by Stream Of Consciousness

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[Verse One]
This is hip-hop 101, class is in session, master your lessons/these rat bastards have made a disaster that threatens the very fabric of our universe/it's scary and tragic so I use a verse to set the mood, disturb the peace?/fuck that I'm disturbing the war, born to speak for those that carry the burden, the poor/more than just me I'm concerned with this world and the direction it's headed/you think our problems were solved with an election?/Forget it./We're caught up in a recession can't let shit slip into a depression expect it/to get worse before it gets better/I'm not a pessimist I'm just well versed on cause and effect on some next level shit/respect the relevance then check the eloquence, I do it to the death never settling for scraps on the table/sort the facts from the fables, start from scratch, cut the cable and smash your t.v./free at last now blast this CD, I capture the masses with stanzas sprayed on tracks like graffiti, bring the rapture to rappers who raise guns and praise drugs even after they see the affect on the community/I'm at your neck fuck your jewelry is my weapon so what can you do to me?/Don't confuse this with aggression you're just not moving me/I don't bust glocks, I'm a true emcee/blow up spots, live or in the studio, speak just ta touch topic cause it's the truth that I seek

[Verse Two]
So I'm bruisin' egos, cruisin' below the surface/refusin' to be sold in this circus of worthless emcees cloned and shirtless/empty shell of a person, MTV sell outs immersed in "The Truman Show", but I'm more human than human though/provoking discourse in students to folks just searching for improvement cause hope is more than a campaign slogan/in a world at war a planet in flames and smoldering the people are demanding a change so I'll be damned if I remain close lipped/Outspoken? Maybe..but blind devotion is crazy and idiotic as the notion that questioning ones government is unpatriotic/learn how the West was won, shaped then rotted after Native Americans were raped and slaughtered/spend my days as a lion on the run facing toxic, front page psy-ops shit blinding your optics like lasers shined inta cockpits/they'll taze ya till you die man fuck the cops it's a police state with increased hate/our taxes fund the machine run by companies and banks


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: 101



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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