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[Verse One]
I'm never silent, clever and defiant, ready for whatever whether it's violent or it's peaceful, using a pen ta triumph over evil/who are these men smiling on the screen?/Foes./Lying through they teeth professional con men/Congressional sessions evolving/into nothing less than excessive lobbying/what a fucking mess these executives have gotten us in/the rottenest men are plotting again/never solving our problems/the world keeps revolving while the poor keep on starving/the rich behind closed doors keep absolving themselves of responsibility/so here's my response in soliloquy form/Conscious shit, launching artillery sworn ta never conform/a rookie but I'm more like a veteran, a better man torn between heaven & hell right here on Earth/where might equals right it's like a nightmare, a curse, but I reflect like light off the mirror ta burst the bubble/I was birthed in the struggle ta put work in this puzzle/hands in the dirt searching the rubble for those hurt and in trouble/an insurgent for certain so just observe like the Hubble/but you don't need a telescope ta tell it's dope/I finally got a CD ta sell so run and tell your folk about the one who's shelling those devils who sell their souls for some wealth & some gold/an intelligent bloke who spoke only in relevant quotes/except I'm not selling you hope or embellishing screaming rebel just for the hell of it/nope..

[Verse Two]
No justice, no health care for millions of folks/war and welfare/a deficit in the trillions/no building, no growth/no sustainable future for our children ta cope/the economy broke like levees in New Orleans/my first LP's hitting heavy, I'm deadly with the ordinance/like calling air support in/I'm raw as dare I say? Abortions/supporting a woman's right ta choose/they say I shouldn't light the fuse or provoke the right just ta spite them fools/they don't like my views/well I can't stand the propaganda/got plans ta conquer the lands like Alexander/puffing on contraband but right now I demand your undivided attention/they want us divided via guns & riots/stunned inta silence/outside their conventions, they've got us fenced in/mention your Constitutional rights they'll just suspend them, like Habeas Corpus/hot like Hades bringing a shock doctrine like Haiti/I do it for the babies not ta get the ladies/I'm a product of the '8o's observing snakes in the grass/but don't mistake me for a Democrat, never that/rocking the place like a Fender Strat/throw a rock in your face so you remember that/blow up like Iraq when I invade with an agenda ta catch a fire/blasting the liars on both sides of this collapsing empire/assassins for hire they're tapping your wire/flow with a passion unmatched my desire is not ta cash in but ta smash them and throw the fat in the fryer...

[Verse Three]
So fuck Jindall and Rush Limbaugh/the G.O.P.'s outta touch but ALL of D.C. is corrupt you've been robbed/swindled, by these thugs and pimps in slick suits/hypocrites addicted ta drugs who misuse the public trust that went out the window/right around the time the C.I.A. sent out that memo/warning that attacks were imminent/using them as an excuse for war in Iraq this is just the beginning when there's no justice for the living or the dead and hope is just a gimmick, I want more than empty rhetoric/existentialist, going on the offensive for the benefit of the people/fuck the beast/I don't trust the police/Nope./Not after watching Oscar Grant get shot in the back on a New Years Day/it's kinda an ominous prelude you wait/a clue into the state of our nation/tuned into the pain I can relate I've been chasing the dream just like the rest of you/life, liberty and the endless pursuit of happiness/defender of truth never surrender like troops attacking it's/bigger than rap so I stick to the facts/they're digging up mass graves in Iraq while filling them in Sudan/war criminals on the loose, the villains are really men in suits/making a killing spilling millions of barrels of crude then/pouring more chemicals to the soup trying ta dilute them/dolphins dying in underwater plumes when/are we going to get it together?/Probably never/our foreign policy has got us lost/this is not the dream envisioned by Dr. King...


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: Zambo Beatz



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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