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This track was inspired by and is in honor of my personal hero Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

My homie Cheebo insisted that I take this beat (I'm glad he did). I immediately had the idea to somehow incorporate Dr. King's 'I have A Dream" speech into it...coincidentally my buddy DJ David Quest just happened to have a large portion of that speech on vinyl. You can hear the final result which I am extremely proud of.


[Verse One]
I wake up & get baked right away cause everyday is the same just like "Groundhog Day" but different names and faces, replace the inane with racists/we as a race seem insane from hatred, so deep it's ingrained in our nature/tell me where do we place the blame for all the pain & anger? It's like a ball & chain, an anchor that's got us all estranged and in danger/you can call it deranged like 3 buildings falling cause of 2 planes..word..I feel like Heinlein's stranger, Valentine Smith just trying ta find some balance and remain timeless while paradigms shift alongside the battle lines in this paradise adrift where time & space blur

[Verse Two]
They say peace on Earth can never be achieved so it's relegated to being a dream deferred but I don't believe they words and celebrate living free as a bird/I elevate without strings above the scene & observe the way they tell ya ta pray but it doesn't seem ta work/people scream & curse, scheme in church then careen headfirst but things only seem ta get worse it's obscene with all the killing and blood spilling that occurs, no peace on Earth/but I find serenity in rhyme, it's a remedy of mine, I'm extra sensory inclined, living existentially in these times that seem berserk/everybody chasing the cream only seems ta bring out the worst in us/the value of life seems worthless but I guess it varies from person ta person, despite love some just wanna fight it's in their blood/some live their entire lives never giving up, others give in to the pressure, livin' with depression, turnin' ta drugs & sex like a form of therapy session, no sense of clarity with so much despair it seems incessant/we living in these last days, at least that's what the pastors say trying ta lead the sheep towards greener pastures some stray from the path towards disaster, some pray for guidance/in the midst of war & violence music's a form of asylum from the storms and high winds, leaving souls well worn, still we surviving/really I'm striving to live my life according to the golden rule, knowing I'm the only one I'm beholden to, so I treasure every moment cause you never really know how many more moments you've got left/the prospect of death is macabre, yes, but you can't let it stop your progress/learn from the past & grow, never let anyone discourage you from the path you chose, appreciate what you have though cause this life passes in a flash, it's fragile/I am still waiting for the day we can all say free at last like King in the Capital

[Verse Three]
I'm just trying ta find some peace of mind, I'm just trying to find some peace in my lifetime/I write rhymes for like minds and even those at the opposite end of the spectrum/people need something ta believe in, dreams and hopes, some sense of accomplishment & direction/the confidence ta take that next step when all sorts of nonsense has been embedded in their sub-conscious like "Inception"/in debt from cradle to sarcophagus/working like slaves through this manifestation of that Fritz Lang film "Metropolis" but never question the reasons why/instead we stress ends on an endless quest for a piece of the pie/livin in distress, content ta believe any lie, when they speak you comply/I'm guessin that's why so few reach for the sky and so many sold their souls for gold & jewels, just ta be in full view of the public eye/hearts grown cold and dark as coal soot but fuck it I'm bioluminescent/I've been here for a while though I'm still trying ta define my true essence/nevertheless it's music with a message, we use it like a weapon/it's the truest form of expression as well as a tool in the war against oppression/it's got me soothed & implored, opening new doors/I broke the mold now I'm hoping to move forward, progress is synonymous with peace/I woulda thought that was obvious yet so many live on the edge without a shred of consciousness, let alone some common sense, it's deep/our problems never get resolved instead they simply evolve with technology/do the knowledge you'll see the root cause it be greed producing poverty/intrusive policies reducing colonies to ruins/history has proven this to be true it's not mythology or philosophy I'm spewing/on an odyssey pursuing peace, it's so elusive to keep/you can't do it using troops, a crucifix or police

[Verse Four]
I told Cheebo this was his opus then I wrote this for me though this is also for all my peoples focused on peace I know it's a struggle that sometimes seems hopeless/when the young die from bullets and improvised explosives, sent ta die for bullshit, we've been desensitized and know it but won't admit it/sex & violence on the television at every minute yet we livin' in a bubble/obsessing over death and religion within this debtors prison until all that's left are victims digging through the rubble/where did the love go? No trust or hope, plus no justice means there can't be peace/I guess it must just be the nature of man ta be a beast, we kill each other over faith, over land or for greed/, when we're really brothers no matter your faith, homeland or your creed/if only we would build together, imagine the world we could achieve...maybe I'm just a dreamer..


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: Cheebo
Cuts by: DJ David Quest



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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