RIP The Curtain {Ft. SAI & Perseverance}

from by Stream Of Consciousness

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Verse Two]
Yo it's a mad world we're living in oblivion/countless victims in the name of religion since way before the dark ages/they used ta pray to the stars, humanity still waging wars in the name of god, it's stark raving crazy/still trying to make a spark, the wind that get's the barley shaking/take AIM then rip the curtain apart, expose the facade/the wizard's no wizard at all, it's a prison like "Oz"/institutionalized racism, justice is non-existent this system is flawed/the prison industrial complex profits offa convictions, politicians is frauds in bed with big business & they all getting rich while we starve/the wealth it never trickles down, living in Hell's pit, just pick a town, check the unemployment figures..WOW..we can't afford it yet they fund the wars with vigor, proud, ta keep people imprisoned without trial/fingers on triggers, how, can there be peace when the beast feasts on the weak? And priests and sheiks don't practice what they preach? Misinterpreting passage after passage ta serve their needs/it's all backwards, towers fall, superpowers on the verge of collapse while they manufacture murder machines..


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: Ecrase



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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