The Project For The New American Century

from by Stream Of Consciousness

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Google PNAC: Rebuilding America's Defenses.


[Verse One]
I'm conscious, in tune and aware/it's a new year/Congress is still spreading doom & fear/false prophets say the apocalypse is looming there, in the distance zoom in/to a new century where warfare is big business and shit's booming/penitentiaries & courtroomss are filling can I get a witness or two when/the wicked harbor aspirations to weaponize the stars, section 5 & election lies/can you recognize the czars setting our foreign policy?/with a pre-9/11 war in Iraq they scheme/New World Order philosophy/a hostile regime who flew to new borders, stormed 'em then called it transformative Democracy/I call it what it is, Westward expansion, manufacturing weapons with reckless abandon/handling America's defenses with no respect for the planet/ignoring the will of Americans what do you expect from a cabinet/sworn ta kill, waging war at will

[Verse Two]
Let's dissect their Project For A New American Century/this unchecked cabal bent on ruling through election fraud & hegemony/where's the revolution?/The Lennon's, Rasputin's?/the amendments are an illusion when the President's abusing the Constitution/proud sponsor of a blueprint that disavows what the Founding Fathers thoughts were when they drew it/clueless, Illuminati in bed with lobbyists making bread off pollution, lead in the walls of schools and the weapons involved in shootings/the threat has evolved it was never resolved they're recruiting from schools and universities/propaganda in the news in this land of murder machines it's a grand conversion we need/let's start with our troops who've been, used, abused then end up dead or in institutions/here's a simple solution, try the criminals and prosecute them/Nasferatu's been draining the youth/spent millions campaigning plus billions ta boot killing for loot, stealing the crude/outta Iraqi oil fields/1.2 trillion overdue makes my blood boil...for real/how do you turn a surplus into a deficit?/we played with fire, it burned us & now we're in a mess not even elections can fix its....

[Verse Three]
The Project For The New American Century/a Cheney/Wolfowitz doctrine in cahoots with the Defense & Energy industries/PAX Americana/at last the past is back it's here ta haunt us/beware the ominous drum ta war/September 11th, 2001 becomes the raw, savage, sick catalyst attack that grips the public/flags at half mast plus graphic photographs of it turned the masses inta cattle quick you've been tricked by the likes of Christopher Columbus/the twisted are living among us/sadistic, imperialistic, and oh so vicious when they're gunning/making a mess-a-potamia/learning no lessons from Lawrence of Arabia/endless war is insurance that corporations will eat your babies up/whether the shores are foreign or in your neighborhood/the trouble that you're in you need more then the lord cause he's not saving ya/more than some words we need free thought ta precipitate change because these times are strange and remain dangerous..

[Verse Four]
Is it too late to change the system?/We'll never know if we never try/slaves ta big business/do we remain the victims or do we rise?/All empires fall it's merely a matter of time/it begins with cracks in the walls, missing rungs on the ladder the signs that our infrastructure is in tatters when levees and bridges just shatter I find/the prospect of a New American Century terrifying/renewing my fears of defense spending spiraling/fuck terror stop paralyzing the public/with Iraq lies about stockpiles of Sarin & vials of Mustard/vile, disgusting, Cheney with a smile should be put on trial for the suffering/cuff 'em, fuck 'em/slashing the budgets on Social Programs/tax cuts for the richest among us while gas pumps have us in a chokehold with both hands/voting, is like throwing a stone in the ocean/so I use my flow ta set the revolt inta motion/potent, till I'm dead and gone lace ya with letters and poems from November and beyond this "The Pentagon Papers"...


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: Invisible Think
Cuts by: Chinch 33



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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