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Get active, tune in..


[Verse One]
Get up, stand up, if you're fed up then get your damn hands up/audit the FED, fuck the system it's a setup how they pimp us and scam us/stick us in prisons or ship us off ta far away lands ta become/fodder for the cannons/marauders in the sands and slums/mothers and fathers don't let your sons and daughters fall into their hands they've got plans for them/creating robots programming them/brainwashing us with propaganda on every channel it's grim/all it takes is a couple of planes ta shock ya after shock the panic begins/everybody clamoring, demanding revenge/turning the planet into a war zone/the Manchurian candidate said he'd bring the war to end instead he's expanding it with more Predator drones/spreading death galore on every shore home, is where the hatred is/plenty of money for war but won't spend any ta educate the kids/so goes the nation on some final destination shit..

[Verse Two]
So this is change huh?/They just switched some names up/same games, politricks and lame ducks/this 2 party system is the very definition of insane cause we keep voting for the same thugs expecting different results/fuck an election, you want a change in direction?/Revolt./Let 'em hang from their necks for every child dead or maimed cause of their deception, no joke/without question it's the A.I.M. that I'm reppin/Guerrilla Republik taking aim at oppression/no filler, all substance/blowing corrupt governments out the frame, breaking the chains of repression like a Mad Brains demo/my rap name explains my M.O./split atoms, spit flames then scatter whatever ashes remain with a penstroke/I didn't write this ta incite a riot, I wrote this for the hopeless in the hopes that it might inspire/add some fuel to the fire already burning like funeral pyres/get active, tune in/it's like Nazi Germany how they're attacking the unions, tell me what are you going to do when Social Securtiy dries up before you can retire?/On the road ta ruin like screw an empire/our only hope is revolution complete with rebel troops who refuse ta bend like Luke & them all in pursuit of a higher authority/the truth, not some Messiah I don't buy the silly stories see religion has got us torn between war and peace/it's not feeding the poor and it's damn sure not curing disease/there's genocide in Darfur while the world ignores the screams/warlords and Kings inciting Holy Wars that bring nothing but death and destruction until nothing is left but dust a byproduct of mushroom clouds/we're almost outta time in order to stop it you must move NOW.


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: Cheebo



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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