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[Verse One]
I don't emcee to be a trend setter, I'm more like V with a vendetta/contender, heavy weight status/flow wetter than a levee break, sharp as a machete blade, slicing you apart on every break, I tear the beat to shreds the name? Synonymous with responsiveness for the despondent and depressed, the stream of consciousness that's been missing from Congress since Dwight D. spoke honestly on the consequence and the military industrial complex spent billions on killing, targeting civilians/leveling buildings filled with women and children, war marketed through your televisions while you're sitting at home chilling/collateral, I hit your lateral and posterior, a radical living in a climate of fear controlled like demolitions collapsing skyscrapers/I had a premonition, call it the conventional wisdom you're lacking with a passion asking that you defy the matrix, try ta break it...

[Verse Two]
I stay vigilant, everyday awake imprisoned in an Orwellian nightmare/born with intelligence sworn to rebel against the Reich here/who strike fear to control the population/stocks and souls their goal?/global occupations/toxic biologic agents get your inoculations/stock up on pot not tape you're wasting time/they're in a race to shape your mind/weaponize space/erase mankind/recognize relate it's a police state with faceless sanctioned crime/Frankenstein/caking up from making tanks and mines/dangerous/corrupt/blatant lies/coming out the mouth of the wicked/blunders and clout, hunger then droughts & sickness/wondrous amounts of the suffering without prescriptions/the ones running the house keep the guns coming out it's big business/similar ta tobacco/sinner men swimming in that black gold/while minutemen target immigrants the project for the new American vision is on track so...

[Verse Three]
So remember the 5th of November/Consciousness in Wisconsin lit hip to the hidden agendas/forbidden to enter/politics mixed with religion it's written on our system of tender/capitalism = mass division/so bask in the ignorance, classicism prisons and lenders/smash religion/fascism/surrender/it's a world wide economy/Federal Bureau files they're onto me/but I flow on the Stream honoring the late great Dr. King/United Snakes Brigade can't stop the dream/you can kill the man but never the revolution/all it takes is the will to stand up, get up introducing/the vendetta a movement of men & women fed up with the ruling elite/abusing their seats/confusing the sheep/offering zero solutions for peace/often using the news for deceit/plotting moves in institutions the meek will still inherit the planet so prepare for the panic to set in/beware the bandits in this land of oppression and manic depression....


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: Cheebo



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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