What Do You Want​?​! {Ft. Alex Ford}

from by Stream Of Consciousness

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Featuring Alex Ford.


[Verse One]
Give me liberty or give me death/live & let live free, basic human dignity and respect/you've gotta give it if you wanna get it, still I demand it/can't let 'em kill my high that's why I'm never landing/I could never abandon my dreams or principals/despite the schemes they attempt to pull, yo my team's invincible/A. Ford & Stream, 2 men with pull & unquenchable thirsts for knowledge/since birth I've sought it while most are on the search for dollars/money is the curse that's got us going berserk, we've lost it but I bring it back down to Earth on solid ground/fist in the air, they wonder why I'm pissed? Cause I care/even with the Sun in my eyes my vision is clear, lies, religion & fear/the truth is stranger than fiction, so I hit the booth amid clear and present danger on mission this year..oh yeah..

I see them fighting for freedom even in Iran, shining beacons got me believing I can take control of my life and shape it/won't have ta face it alone I fight alongside my compatriots/every song I write helps break me away from it, vacate this cell, escape from hell, y'all know the Matrix well/bar codes & surveillance tapes they sell the fake revolution but who cares? Minimum wage got our backs ready ta break like resolutions after New Years/we need a better solution, too many are dead from shootings, it's a zoo here, shed 2 tears/why do they make it so hard to get ahead in this 2 tier/system consisting of the haves and the have nots? You can be a victim but I'd rather not, I choose ta follow my dreams, they'd rather I not/in the pursuit of liberty they'd rather I rot/but the truth shall set you free and that them can't stop


from The Pentagon Papers, released September 24, 2014
Produced by: Ecrase



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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