The Pentagon Papers

by Stream Of Consciousness

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kth333 Awesome! Obviously someone who has studied, lyrics are there for you to read, and conveys his scholarship and understanding in the form of top-notch hip hop. Timeless material, sobering food for critical thought. Hoping for another installment. Thank you very much for the gem, peace! Favorite track: Vendetta.
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This album has been LONG in the making. It was recorded over the course of a month or so in 2012, was mixed and mastered by the end of the year...then it just sat there. I had to put music on the backburner for a while to deal with some personal issues. Now I am refocusing on music and working on my follow up album. Thank you all for your support...gotta keep the movement moving.


released September 24, 2014

Album recorded and mixed by: Proper Tonez @ BassHead Studios

Album mastered @ Paradyme Studios

Album artwork (cover art and background) by: Brad Siebers

Check out my comrades in The Anti-Injustice Movement and help support the fight against global injustice.

Real Hip-Hop Forever



all rights reserved


Stream Of Consciousness Neenah, Wisconsin

Later for all of this...until then let the music speak for itself.

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Track Name: No Justice
[Verse One]
I'm never silent, clever and defiant, ready for whatever whether it's violent or it's peaceful, using a pen ta triumph over evil/who are these men smiling on the screen?/Foes./Lying through they teeth professional con men/Congressional sessions evolving/into nothing less than excessive lobbying/what a fucking mess these executives have gotten us in/the rottenest men are plotting again/never solving our problems/the world keeps revolving while the poor keep on starving/the rich behind closed doors keep absolving themselves of responsibility/so here's my response in soliloquy form/Conscious shit, launching artillery sworn ta never conform/a rookie but I'm more like a veteran, a better man torn between heaven & hell right here on Earth/where might equals right it's like a nightmare, a curse, but I reflect like light off the mirror ta burst the bubble/I was birthed in the struggle ta put work in this puzzle/hands in the dirt searching the rubble for those hurt and in trouble/an insurgent for certain so just observe like the Hubble/but you don't need a telescope ta tell it's dope/I finally got a CD ta sell so run and tell your folk about the one who's shelling those devils who sell their souls for some wealth & some gold/an intelligent bloke who spoke only in relevant quotes/except I'm not selling you hope or embellishing screaming rebel just for the hell of it/nope..

[Verse Two]
No justice, no health care for millions of folks/war and welfare/a deficit in the trillions/no building, no growth/no sustainable future for our children ta cope/the economy broke like levees in New Orleans/my first LP's hitting heavy, I'm deadly with the ordinance/like calling air support in/I'm raw as dare I say? Abortions/supporting a woman's right ta choose/they say I shouldn't light the fuse or provoke the right just ta spite them fools/they don't like my views/well I can't stand the propaganda/got plans ta conquer the lands like Alexander/puffing on contraband but right now I demand your undivided attention/they want us divided via guns & riots/stunned inta silence/outside their conventions, they've got us fenced in/mention your Constitutional rights they'll just suspend them, like Habeas Corpus/hot like Hades bringing a shock doctrine like Haiti/I do it for the babies not ta get the ladies/I'm a product of the '8o's observing snakes in the grass/but don't mistake me for a Democrat, never that/rocking the place like a Fender Strat/throw a rock in your face so you remember that/blow up like Iraq when I invade with an agenda ta catch a fire/blasting the liars on both sides of this collapsing empire/assassins for hire they're tapping your wire/flow with a passion unmatched my desire is not ta cash in but ta smash them and throw the fat in the fryer...

[Verse Three]
So fuck Jindall and Rush Limbaugh/the G.O.P.'s outta touch but ALL of D.C. is corrupt you've been robbed/swindled, by these thugs and pimps in slick suits/hypocrites addicted ta drugs who misuse the public trust that went out the window/right around the time the C.I.A. sent out that memo/warning that attacks were imminent/using them as an excuse for war in Iraq this is just the beginning when there's no justice for the living or the dead and hope is just a gimmick, I want more than empty rhetoric/existentialist, going on the offensive for the benefit of the people/fuck the beast/I don't trust the police/Nope./Not after watching Oscar Grant get shot in the back on a New Years Day/it's kinda an ominous prelude you wait/a clue into the state of our nation/tuned into the pain I can relate I've been chasing the dream just like the rest of you/life, liberty and the endless pursuit of happiness/defender of truth never surrender like troops attacking it's/bigger than rap so I stick to the facts/they're digging up mass graves in Iraq while filling them in Sudan/war criminals on the loose, the villains are really men in suits/making a killing spilling millions of barrels of crude then/pouring more chemicals to the soup trying ta dilute them/dolphins dying in underwater plumes when/are we going to get it together?/Probably never/our foreign policy has got us lost/this is not the dream envisioned by Dr. King...
Track Name: Global Warning {Ft.Voice}
[Verse One]
What is global warming? Is it Chernobyl born again?/A looming disaster of epic proportions?/They say humans are consuming resources faster than ever before in history/this is a global warning, it's the Stream/I've found the Voice to help exploit the mysteries/specifically regarding carbon emissions and U.N. charter commissions/confusing charts with omissions/collusion is an art to politicians who barter abusing the environment by lifting restrictions if the price is right/the gift of life is trife/worth less than petrol/the Earth is a mess burdened by the stress of metropolitans, cigarette smoke, smog & men/the Gulf of Mexico has got Texaco bringing dollars in/so wallow in the Chlorofluorocarbons leaving our fauna & flora starving/turning the world into a sauna while our waters and aura darken/let it burn? Nah get concerned cause we can't afford to ignore the problems

[Verse Three]
They tell me to reduce my footprint/even as our troops are sen/tto occupy an oil rich nation/profits line the pockets of those buying up the patents to foil innovation/plastic from oil inundation/see V & me we've got an agreement like Kyoto/I want to live green but I see it as a form of population control though/the clocks racing with toxic agents depleting our ozone/is it the apocalypse we're facing?/a new Ice Age?/That's what we don't know
Track Name: The War Horn
[Verse One]
Get up, stand up, if you're fed up then get your damn hands up/audit the FED, fuck the system it's a setup how they pimp us and scam us/stick us in prisons or ship us off ta far away lands ta become/fodder for the cannons/marauders in the sands and slums/mothers and fathers don't let your sons and daughters fall into their hands they've got plans for them/creating robots programming them/brainwashing us with propaganda on every channel it's grim/all it takes is a couple of planes ta shock ya after shock the panic begins/everybody clamoring, demanding revenge/turning the planet into a war zone/the Manchurian candidate said he'd bring the war to end instead he's expanding it with more Predator drones/spreading death galore on every shore home, is where the hatred is/plenty of money for war but won't spend any ta educate the kids/so goes the nation on some final destination shit..

[Verse Two]
So this is change huh?/They just switched some names up/same games, politricks and lame ducks/this 2 party system is the very definition of insane cause we keep voting for the same thugs expecting different results/fuck an election, you want a change in direction?/Revolt./Let 'em hang from their necks for every child dead or maimed cause of their deception, no joke/without question it's the A.I.M. that I'm reppin/Guerrilla Republik taking aim at oppression/no filler, all substance/blowing corrupt governments out the frame, breaking the chains of repression like a Mad Brains demo/my rap name explains my M.O./split atoms, spit flames then scatter whatever ashes remain with a penstroke/I didn't write this ta incite a riot, I wrote this for the hopeless in the hopes that it might inspire/add some fuel to the fire already burning like funeral pyres/get active, tune in/it's like Nazi Germany how they're attacking the unions, tell me what are you going to do when Social Securtiy dries up before you can retire?/On the road ta ruin like screw an empire/our only hope is revolution complete with rebel troops who refuse ta bend like Luke & them all in pursuit of a higher authority/the truth, not some Messiah I don't buy the silly stories see religion has got us torn between war and peace/it's not feeding the poor and it's damn sure not curing disease/there's genocide in Darfur while the world ignores the screams/warlords and Kings inciting Holy Wars that bring nothing but death and destruction until nothing is left but dust a byproduct of mushroom clouds/we're almost outta time in order to stop it you must move NOW.
Track Name: Lower To Middle
Verse One]
It's the NEW WORLD ORDER, consume the world's oil/salt water turned into a fuel a slow boil in the melting pot/this hell where 90% of the wealth is not distributed equally across the population/our economy's weakening it's hard to pay the cost of inflation, just to fill up our tanks, pinched/whether lower to middle class/the weather's getting colder bitter fast/brittle shit on class of 2nd rate citizen/no dividends/poor living conditions mixed with diminishing/returns from lowered expectations/living paycheck to paycheck on the next one waiting/stressed out my patience is low as my placement/below the line of poverty/it's closing time/Western civilization in a slow decline our quality of life keeps slipping/that's why I'm ripping politicians on a mission for equality and rights don't be a victim/such hypocrisy from right-wing Christians/do the right thing listen/I'm DOWNING shit on the STREET with my MEMOS/the proletariat drowning in too deep to swim home

I'm not invisible....THINK!!/One nation indivisible on the brink/a nation run by criminals down the sink/circling the drain/we're living in hell

[Verse Two]
The truth is just my train of thought/the music I produce to channel my pain maintain through the art/the movement for 9/11 Truth is gaining support/capitol gains still draining the poor/blood trapped in the veins still no debate on the war/to this date or before we invaded/perpetrated this circus orchestrated torture at ABU GHRAIB with rape/pits/sicced on detainees/my scriptures are written depictions like paintings/a prescription for your brain ease the pain using diction/fuel addiction afflicting the nation/beauticians bristling with patients/musicians, artisans with no jurisdiction over their compositions it's the business of slaves in/America/land of the free only to th power of the people in uniform/babylonian towers taking your free will so you conform/screw the norm

I'm not invisible....THINK!!/One nation indivisible on the brink/a nation run by criminals down the sink/circling the drain/we're living in hell

[Verse Three]
You can't tell us it ain't hell here/50 million without health care/1 outta 6 on welfare/we've run out of shit to sell here/no shelter from the rain/hunger pains numb your brain/it's no wonder our nation slumbers when even in London they're tame/Americana getting fatter and dumber torn asunder up under the reign/of King George W./but in my veins runs the blood of a true Patriot/watch me and my posse commentate then act/while these Nazis abominate a posse Comitatus Act/play this track/fade ta black/we're not free/they wanna dominate us in fact/it's class warfare/psychological torture in a fear based society/yo it's a clear case of defiant speech/I set fire to oil wells/till I expire like Orson Welles/born to rebel/voice of the voiceless for the poor and those who fell
Track Name: Disorder
Disorder, tension, borders fenced in/pharmaceuticals in the water though we can't afford prescriptions/distort your vision, destroy your pension, no employment only war no ending/the New World Order henchmen/hedge funds and ponzi schemes, the threat comes not from a bomb but to the economy from corporate fraud & greed, outsourcing abroad wondering where the jobs went?/beware the con men in Washington/like Chuck D. I'm watching 'em/public enemy outfoxing 'em/government entities profiting off the conflicts they're marketing/the military industrial complex has got it poppin'/shoppin' new munitions/queue in/Nastradamus's prophecies coming to fruition/and I don't even believe in superstition/screw religion/what does it do?/produce division/confuse decisions/do you listen?/or is this in one ear then out the other?/it's a new year but they still use fear and doubt as cover/did you hear about how big brother is watching?/building coffins/wheelin & dealin arms used for killin across the globe/but where do the profits go/when there's mold growing in Walter Reed hospital/military doctors told/not to diagnose post traumatic stress disorder/props to those that expose non combat related deaths & torture/it's war for your body, mind & soul/New World Order illuminati mind control/consume more tow the party line the bullshit gets deeper/skull & bones exists don't let the pulpit deceive ya/the bullet will leave ya/lobotomized/for the dollar signs/sodomized/it's all about the bottom line/so let the rockets fly/spot the lies as they plot your demise/they let the towers fall so the profits can rise
Track Name: Music As A Weapon
[Verse One]
This is hip-hop 101, class is in session, master your lessons/these rat bastards have made a disaster that threatens the very fabric of our universe/it's scary and tragic so I use a verse to set the mood, disturb the peace?/fuck that I'm disturbing the war, born to speak for those that carry the burden, the poor/more than just me I'm concerned with this world and the direction it's headed/you think our problems were solved with an election?/Forget it./We're caught up in a recession can't let shit slip into a depression expect it/to get worse before it gets better/I'm not a pessimist I'm just well versed on cause and effect on some next level shit/respect the relevance then check the eloquence, I do it to the death never settling for scraps on the table/sort the facts from the fables, start from scratch, cut the cable and smash your t.v./free at last now blast this CD, I capture the masses with stanzas sprayed on tracks like graffiti, bring the rapture to rappers who raise guns and praise drugs even after they see the affect on the community/I'm at your neck fuck your jewelry is my weapon so what can you do to me?/Don't confuse this with aggression you're just not moving me/I don't bust glocks, I'm a true emcee/blow up spots, live or in the studio, speak just ta touch topic cause it's the truth that I seek

[Verse Two]
So I'm bruisin' egos, cruisin' below the surface/refusin' to be sold in this circus of worthless emcees cloned and shirtless/empty shell of a person, MTV sell outs immersed in "The Truman Show", but I'm more human than human though/provoking discourse in students to folks just searching for improvement cause hope is more than a campaign slogan/in a world at war a planet in flames and smoldering the people are demanding a change so I'll be damned if I remain close lipped/Outspoken? Maybe..but blind devotion is crazy and idiotic as the notion that questioning ones government is unpatriotic/learn how the West was won, shaped then rotted after Native Americans were raped and slaughtered/spend my days as a lion on the run facing toxic, front page psy-ops shit blinding your optics like lasers shined inta cockpits/they'll taze ya till you die man fuck the cops it's a police state with increased hate/our taxes fund the machine run by companies and banks
Track Name: RIP The Curtain {Ft. SAI & Perseverance}
Verse Two]
Yo it's a mad world we're living in oblivion/countless victims in the name of religion since way before the dark ages/they used ta pray to the stars, humanity still waging wars in the name of god, it's stark raving crazy/still trying to make a spark, the wind that get's the barley shaking/take AIM then rip the curtain apart, expose the facade/the wizard's no wizard at all, it's a prison like "Oz"/institutionalized racism, justice is non-existent this system is flawed/the prison industrial complex profits offa convictions, politicians is frauds in bed with big business & they all getting rich while we starve/the wealth it never trickles down, living in Hell's pit, just pick a town, check the unemployment figures..WOW..we can't afford it yet they fund the wars with vigor, proud, ta keep people imprisoned without trial/fingers on triggers, how, can there be peace when the beast feasts on the weak? And priests and sheiks don't practice what they preach? Misinterpreting passage after passage ta serve their needs/it's all backwards, towers fall, superpowers on the verge of collapse while they manufacture murder machines..
Track Name: Freedom Without Money
[Verse One]
They say money is power and power is respect/life's not funny when you're down and out drowning in debt/chasing the American dream/life is nothing but a rat race we're trapped in a maze be weary of the schemes/some people will do anything for the cream/pull a gun and leave your blood running through the street/greed makes people do ugly things/it's the root of all that's evil for the loot we'll slaughter your people take your deeds, shoes, drugs and bling/it'll make enemies outta crew/for the love of green/ugly things/but I'm discovering/there's freedom without money though I'm tired of being broke/spending all my dough staying high just trying to cope/with the pressures of every day living/sick to death of this 9 to 5 prison/being defined by my income/I close my eyes focus my mind/wrote this rhyme to keep my hopes alive/so just vibe to my rhythm

[Verse Two]
We're all in deep like caskets/he who controls the currency is master/the Federal Reserve, the beast, the bastards/in the bank of International Settlements are willing to murder just to keep the cash in/circulation/vultures circle the nation/they overwork us and jerk us through inflation and the national debt/Senators like John McCain pushing deregulation for banks with disastrous affects/how fast we forget/Lincoln Savings and Loan/we're on the brink now they're taking your home/in a foreclosure/billions spent on the war and it's far from over/the bars been lowered on accountability/exactly whose bank accounts are filling?/C.E.O.'s/deceiving the people/greedy and evil/they've got us believing we're free don't believe the t.v. those/talking heads are the walking dead/"Fox and Friends" too busy stalking bread and watching the stock index to ever bother thinking outside the box instead

[Verse Three]
Stocks fall the people panic/watch as Wall Street collapses/greedy bastards/bailing out companies like A.I.G. with our taxes/let 'em fail and the economy gets hit drastic/quick think fast/tricks/that's it/time ta pass another stimulus package to the ignorant masses/all the while television has got your vision distracted/from the classism in action/mad men cashing in on bad decisions for maximum profit/how do we stop it?/credit card companies got you in debt while you charge luxuries the plot's sick/you know the synopsis/yet there you go with the shopping/brand new clothes and watches/it's all about what brand you own the apocalypse/will be financial so empty your pockets/in this 21st century they've got you mentally locked in/his penitentiary that was meant to be poppin'/how can this be the land of the free when so many are boxed in/souls empty and rotten
Track Name: Vendetta
[Verse One]
I don't emcee to be a trend setter, I'm more like V with a vendetta/contender, heavy weight status/flow wetter than a levee break, sharp as a machete blade, slicing you apart on every break, I tear the beat to shreds the name? Synonymous with responsiveness for the despondent and depressed, the stream of consciousness that's been missing from Congress since Dwight D. spoke honestly on the consequence and the military industrial complex spent billions on killing, targeting civilians/leveling buildings filled with women and children, war marketed through your televisions while you're sitting at home chilling/collateral, I hit your lateral and posterior, a radical living in a climate of fear controlled like demolitions collapsing skyscrapers/I had a premonition, call it the conventional wisdom you're lacking with a passion asking that you defy the matrix, try ta break it...

[Verse Two]
I stay vigilant, everyday awake imprisoned in an Orwellian nightmare/born with intelligence sworn to rebel against the Reich here/who strike fear to control the population/stocks and souls their goal?/global occupations/toxic biologic agents get your inoculations/stock up on pot not tape you're wasting time/they're in a race to shape your mind/weaponize space/erase mankind/recognize relate it's a police state with faceless sanctioned crime/Frankenstein/caking up from making tanks and mines/dangerous/corrupt/blatant lies/coming out the mouth of the wicked/blunders and clout, hunger then droughts & sickness/wondrous amounts of the suffering without prescriptions/the ones running the house keep the guns coming out it's big business/similar ta tobacco/sinner men swimming in that black gold/while minutemen target immigrants the project for the new American vision is on track so...

[Verse Three]
So remember the 5th of November/Consciousness in Wisconsin lit hip to the hidden agendas/forbidden to enter/politics mixed with religion it's written on our system of tender/capitalism = mass division/so bask in the ignorance, classicism prisons and lenders/smash religion/fascism/surrender/it's a world wide economy/Federal Bureau files they're onto me/but I flow on the Stream honoring the late great Dr. King/United Snakes Brigade can't stop the dream/you can kill the man but never the revolution/all it takes is the will to stand up, get up introducing/the vendetta a movement of men & women fed up with the ruling elite/abusing their seats/confusing the sheep/offering zero solutions for peace/often using the news for deceit/plotting moves in institutions the meek will still inherit the planet so prepare for the panic to set in/beware the bandits in this land of oppression and manic depression....
Track Name: Around The World
Yo this planet's a mess/damaged, distressed/goddammit I can't understand the master plan or why there's so much famine and death/from Japan to the West, even in Iran there's unrest/from Egypt ta Thailand, whispers of an Arab Spring in Azerbaijan/protests turn inta massacres/an everyday occurrence in Africa/if it's not a machete blade there's always the threat of A.I.D.s, unprotected sex & rape's got it spreading at a steady pace just check the infection rates they'll stagger ya, it's tragic but...

No one seems ta care/the world keeps on going cold shoulders, empty stares/even with a World Food Program there's no end to the despair/children stolen from their homes then turned inta soldiers at 8 years old by grown men ta serve their own ends/it's not fair/kids losing limbs digging through rock for gold & gems that they cannot wear/sweatshops, human trafficking at rest stops while corporate execs stretch on yachts without a care/dirty, rotten billionaires/got us on deathwatch but still we're here, despite the..

Terror and calamity, it's everywhere, tearing at your humanity/got it hanging by a thread that's bare so you're ready ta declare insanity/all across the planet I see panic & grief, madness in Greece/police blasting cannons at anyone brave enough ta take a stand in the streets and demand ta be free/families forced ta flee their land in Sudan, Syrians in need of a new Commander in Chief/as the land wars and propaganda increase/there's no security in the homeland and no serious plan for the peace..
Track Name: The Project For The New American Century
[Verse One]
I'm conscious, in tune and aware/it's a new year/Congress is still spreading doom & fear/false prophets say the apocalypse is looming there, in the distance zoom in/to a new century where warfare is big business and shit's booming/penitentiaries & courtroomss are filling can I get a witness or two when/the wicked harbor aspirations to weaponize the stars, section 5 & election lies/can you recognize the czars setting our foreign policy?/with a pre-9/11 war in Iraq they scheme/New World Order philosophy/a hostile regime who flew to new borders, stormed 'em then called it transformative Democracy/I call it what it is, Westward expansion, manufacturing weapons with reckless abandon/handling America's defenses with no respect for the planet/ignoring the will of Americans what do you expect from a cabinet/sworn ta kill, waging war at will

[Verse Two]
Let's dissect their Project For A New American Century/this unchecked cabal bent on ruling through election fraud & hegemony/where's the revolution?/The Lennon's, Rasputin's?/the amendments are an illusion when the President's abusing the Constitution/proud sponsor of a blueprint that disavows what the Founding Fathers thoughts were when they drew it/clueless, Illuminati in bed with lobbyists making bread off pollution, lead in the walls of schools and the weapons involved in shootings/the threat has evolved it was never resolved they're recruiting from schools and universities/propaganda in the news in this land of murder machines it's a grand conversion we need/let's start with our troops who've been, used, abused then end up dead or in institutions/here's a simple solution, try the criminals and prosecute them/Nasferatu's been draining the youth/spent millions campaigning plus billions ta boot killing for loot, stealing the crude/outta Iraqi oil fields/1.2 trillion overdue makes my blood boil...for real/how do you turn a surplus into a deficit?/we played with fire, it burned us & now we're in a mess not even elections can fix its....

[Verse Three]
The Project For The New American Century/a Cheney/Wolfowitz doctrine in cahoots with the Defense & Energy industries/PAX Americana/at last the past is back it's here ta haunt us/beware the ominous drum ta war/September 11th, 2001 becomes the raw, savage, sick catalyst attack that grips the public/flags at half mast plus graphic photographs of it turned the masses inta cattle quick you've been tricked by the likes of Christopher Columbus/the twisted are living among us/sadistic, imperialistic, and oh so vicious when they're gunning/making a mess-a-potamia/learning no lessons from Lawrence of Arabia/endless war is insurance that corporations will eat your babies up/whether the shores are foreign or in your neighborhood/the trouble that you're in you need more then the lord cause he's not saving ya/more than some words we need free thought ta precipitate change because these times are strange and remain dangerous..

[Verse Four]
Is it too late to change the system?/We'll never know if we never try/slaves ta big business/do we remain the victims or do we rise?/All empires fall it's merely a matter of time/it begins with cracks in the walls, missing rungs on the ladder the signs that our infrastructure is in tatters when levees and bridges just shatter I find/the prospect of a New American Century terrifying/renewing my fears of defense spending spiraling/fuck terror stop paralyzing the public/with Iraq lies about stockpiles of Sarin & vials of Mustard/vile, disgusting, Cheney with a smile should be put on trial for the suffering/cuff 'em, fuck 'em/slashing the budgets on Social Programs/tax cuts for the richest among us while gas pumps have us in a chokehold with both hands/voting, is like throwing a stone in the ocean/so I use my flow ta set the revolt inta motion/potent, till I'm dead and gone lace ya with letters and poems from November and beyond this "The Pentagon Papers"...
Track Name: Legend Begun
[Verse One]
Nothing's new under the sun these days, people are still suffering, on the run like slaves/the weak willed are unable to overcome they cave, the situation is grave, don't switch the station be brave/stand for something or you'll fall for anything/bandits plundering, petty laws and deadly schemes/everything has an opposite but equal reaction, this song I dedicate to my peoples on their jobs making it happen/we levitate through breaking & rapping, taking it back when it was substance over style, before club hits and thug shit bloated the aisles/wrote, sold then quoted in trials as prosecution evidence/stop the shooting hip-hop is losing it's essence when we're only left with a reverend now RUN/it's music as medicine, a strict regiment, treasure this true benevolence. I'm not a veteran but it's evident I am legend begun

[Verse Two]
Music is my passion..PERIOD/you misconsture hits and fashion with serious, intelligent art we always keep the topics relevant and deep like the pockets of the elephant party/speak not of profits but of developing our dreams of a planet without hatred/guns ta brandish, famine and rapists/sons that vanish, madmen and sadists/what we need is love & understanding, more weed, less drugs and political thugs running and scamming/zero funds for war leave the drums abandoned, Nero strums while the poor in the slums ARE abandoned/I'm not a hero but a legend begun this the anthem, I keep it honest, discrete, anonymous/stream of consciousness, unique on a beat, I never sleep, far too clever to be one of the sheep so you can keep your dollars, I'm in it for the peace and progress/lines infinite, I know time's my limit so I rhyme intricate, seeking providence
Track Name: What Do You Want?! {Ft. Alex Ford}
[Verse One]
Give me liberty or give me death/live & let live free, basic human dignity and respect/you've gotta give it if you wanna get it, still I demand it/can't let 'em kill my high that's why I'm never landing/I could never abandon my dreams or principals/despite the schemes they attempt to pull, yo my team's invincible/A. Ford & Stream, 2 men with pull & unquenchable thirsts for knowledge/since birth I've sought it while most are on the search for dollars/money is the curse that's got us going berserk, we've lost it but I bring it back down to Earth on solid ground/fist in the air, they wonder why I'm pissed? Cause I care/even with the Sun in my eyes my vision is clear, lies, religion & fear/the truth is stranger than fiction, so I hit the booth amid clear and present danger on mission this year..oh yeah..

I see them fighting for freedom even in Iran, shining beacons got me believing I can take control of my life and shape it/won't have ta face it alone I fight alongside my compatriots/every song I write helps break me away from it, vacate this cell, escape from hell, y'all know the Matrix well/bar codes & surveillance tapes they sell the fake revolution but who cares? Minimum wage got our backs ready ta break like resolutions after New Years/we need a better solution, too many are dead from shootings, it's a zoo here, shed 2 tears/why do they make it so hard to get ahead in this 2 tier/system consisting of the haves and the have nots? You can be a victim but I'd rather not, I choose ta follow my dreams, they'd rather I not/in the pursuit of liberty they'd rather I rot/but the truth shall set you free and that them can't stop
Track Name: Peace
[Verse One]
I wake up & get baked right away cause everyday is the same just like "Groundhog Day" but different names and faces, replace the inane with racists/we as a race seem insane from hatred, so deep it's ingrained in our nature/tell me where do we place the blame for all the pain & anger? It's like a ball & chain, an anchor that's got us all estranged and in danger/you can call it deranged like 3 buildings falling cause of 2 planes..word..I feel like Heinlein's stranger, Valentine Smith just trying ta find some balance and remain timeless while paradigms shift alongside the battle lines in this paradise adrift where time & space blur

[Verse Two]
They say peace on Earth can never be achieved so it's relegated to being a dream deferred but I don't believe they words and celebrate living free as a bird/I elevate without strings above the scene & observe the way they tell ya ta pray but it doesn't seem ta work/people scream & curse, scheme in church then careen headfirst but things only seem ta get worse it's obscene with all the killing and blood spilling that occurs, no peace on Earth/but I find serenity in rhyme, it's a remedy of mine, I'm extra sensory inclined, living existentially in these times that seem berserk/everybody chasing the cream only seems ta bring out the worst in us/the value of life seems worthless but I guess it varies from person ta person, despite love some just wanna fight it's in their blood/some live their entire lives never giving up, others give in to the pressure, livin' with depression, turnin' ta drugs & sex like a form of therapy session, no sense of clarity with so much despair it seems incessant/we living in these last days, at least that's what the pastors say trying ta lead the sheep towards greener pastures some stray from the path towards disaster, some pray for guidance/in the midst of war & violence music's a form of asylum from the storms and high winds, leaving souls well worn, still we surviving/really I'm striving to live my life according to the golden rule, knowing I'm the only one I'm beholden to, so I treasure every moment cause you never really know how many more moments you've got left/the prospect of death is macabre, yes, but you can't let it stop your progress/learn from the past & grow, never let anyone discourage you from the path you chose, appreciate what you have though cause this life passes in a flash, it's fragile/I am still waiting for the day we can all say free at last like King in the Capital

[Verse Three]
I'm just trying ta find some peace of mind, I'm just trying to find some peace in my lifetime/I write rhymes for like minds and even those at the opposite end of the spectrum/people need something ta believe in, dreams and hopes, some sense of accomplishment & direction/the confidence ta take that next step when all sorts of nonsense has been embedded in their sub-conscious like "Inception"/in debt from cradle to sarcophagus/working like slaves through this manifestation of that Fritz Lang film "Metropolis" but never question the reasons why/instead we stress ends on an endless quest for a piece of the pie/livin in distress, content ta believe any lie, when they speak you comply/I'm guessin that's why so few reach for the sky and so many sold their souls for gold & jewels, just ta be in full view of the public eye/hearts grown cold and dark as coal soot but fuck it I'm bioluminescent/I've been here for a while though I'm still trying ta define my true essence/nevertheless it's music with a message, we use it like a weapon/it's the truest form of expression as well as a tool in the war against oppression/it's got me soothed & implored, opening new doors/I broke the mold now I'm hoping to move forward, progress is synonymous with peace/I woulda thought that was obvious yet so many live on the edge without a shred of consciousness, let alone some common sense, it's deep/our problems never get resolved instead they simply evolve with technology/do the knowledge you'll see the root cause it be greed producing poverty/intrusive policies reducing colonies to ruins/history has proven this to be true it's not mythology or philosophy I'm spewing/on an odyssey pursuing peace, it's so elusive to keep/you can't do it using troops, a crucifix or police

[Verse Four]
I told Cheebo this was his opus then I wrote this for me though this is also for all my peoples focused on peace I know it's a struggle that sometimes seems hopeless/when the young die from bullets and improvised explosives, sent ta die for bullshit, we've been desensitized and know it but won't admit it/sex & violence on the television at every minute yet we livin' in a bubble/obsessing over death and religion within this debtors prison until all that's left are victims digging through the rubble/where did the love go? No trust or hope, plus no justice means there can't be peace/I guess it must just be the nature of man ta be a beast, we kill each other over faith, over land or for greed/, when we're really brothers no matter your faith, homeland or your creed/if only we would build together, imagine the world we could achieve...maybe I'm just a dreamer..
Track Name: Do Music
[Verse One]
Yo I'd rather do music, ya'll got it ass backwards, you're clueless/you're far from masters, if you're not dropping knowledge and jewels..QUIT..Who's this conscious student, constant with the movement? Made my way to Wisconsin and now I'm a monster looming on the horizon/check the mercury in your thermometers..rising/respect the words, I bring death to herbs who scheme and plot on her demise in an era of material wackness, smoke and mirrors, spirits still lacking but I go hard out your stereo tax it like Weez One/memories in a mausoleum, remember when emcees were raw and the beats stunned your nervous system? Now see what she's become? A murder victim/You heard the description of the perps if you listen, offenders spitting verses with no purpose, convict 'em/it's us versus the system, so we bubbling beneath the surface uplifting, shifting tectonic plates causing quakes/on mission with no time to waste cause there are lives at stake, can't let them divide with hate

[Verse Two]
So chill the fuck out maybe fill a dug out/ain't no reason to kill or bug out, we need to build then bust out/our enemies will steal the rug out from under us, emcees ain't real cause they thugged out with guns to bust, dumb motherfuckers..WHAT?!..I'd rather do music/ionize matter, spend my days as a lion, survive through this music, it's therapeutic, it's there so we use it/kicks, drums and snares, lyrics that flood your ears, fluid like the blood pumping through my veins/I don't write to get the clubs jumping, screw the fame, use your brain, confusion's the game/Hollywood's all an illusion, there's no excuse for the lames, the people deserve better/get your hands up like the steeple or some cheeba that burns better, I blow out your speaker just ta reach ya with words never preach cause that's for the birds instead I encourage research and revolution/let's have peace on Earth instead of shooting

[Verse Three]
So this the reload, Stream & Cheebo, the illest team since Rage Against The Machine, this evil empire is bound ta fall/freedom fighters tear down these walls that surround us all, can't let them clown us, nah/truly, I'm not trying to be rude see but you just don't move me, I couldn't give 2 fucks about your jewelry or your jacuzzi/it's a New World Order they're using you to achieve, the youth glued to the screen, consumers consuming like sheep but all that shit is wack and will soon be deceased/I spit on the track like an uzi, till it collapses like Iraq did barely 2 weeks into the 'shock and awe' campaign/invasion, dropping jaws, on a rampage, hijacking stations/live, captivating, mind activating, rhyme Captain blazing, fascinating/assassinating the fascists in a nation where past generations staged mass demonstrations, now it's all about the cash, guns and the ratings